It’s a very sensitive issue in this state

Stockwell, Paul S. Strickland, James J. Talkington, David B. What makes this year’s race refreshing is that it gives us a choice: incumbent Republican Rodney Davis, Democrat Mark Wicklund and independent David Gill. That’s three times more candidates than the number running over in the 15th Congressional District that includes Danville, or up in the 16th District that takes in most of Ford and Iroquois counties. District Judge Sue Myerscough of Springfield, who unexpectedly ruled in Gill’s favor when he challenged a provision in state elections law dealing with the number of signatures required..

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There is one housing alternative not mentioned here. The Inter Cooperative Council at the University of Michigan the Student Housing Co ops have been offering students an affordable alternative since 1932. Beginning with one house and 9 members, the ICC now offers 18 different houses for 550 students on North and Central Campus.

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